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It’s easy to dwell on the past; however let’s make it easy to keep moving forward.

With a mission of helping and inspiring others, Roniesha Seaton, a proud Motivational Speaker, and 4x Author is known for making a memorable impact. Ms. Seaton was born and raised in the city of Chester, located in the Delaware County area of Pennsylvania, where growing up can be troublesome. Yet, despite her past experiences and shortcomings, Ms. Seaton did not allow her past circumstances to define her future.

Ms. Seaton has been recognized for the leadership and teamwork collaboration that she brings to the
community. Furthermore, Ms. Seaton has been honored for awards such as “The People’s Champ,”
“The Woman of the Year,” "Leadership," and “The Most Positive Individual.”

Today Ms. Seaton is moving mountains and inspiring others with her words. Her unique approach, combined with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm, makes her perfect for a large variety of audiences and events.



A Tragically Beautiful Life

Adversity, perseverance, and the weight of the world, simultaneously converged upon a child all at once.
A life of tragedies turned into possibilities. Available on Amazon November 23, 2020



Let’s Get Started

Roniesha Seaton, a well-known and highly acclaimed Motivational Speaker, teamed up  in late 2017, to discuss a vision to empower individuals from all walks of life to discover inspiration and conquer what they feel is impossible. Determined to bring this vision to life, the I AM Team was created, comprised of Roniesha Seaton, founder and CEO, Tiara B, co-creator, and Precious G, co-host. I AM is a woman-led group whose primary objectives are to implement this vision through organized events featuring lively motivational speaking, personal development exercises, and interactive conversations. 

The I AM team has hosted events covering subjects such as Self-Love, Self-Care, Finance and much more. These conversations were therapeutic for guests and the events would always conclude with a signature activity of proudly announcing a positive aspiration of yourself beginning with the expression “I AM”. These events known as The Growth Series began back in January 2018 and were held every first Sunday at the Abstract Reality Art Gallery on the Avenue of the States located in Chester, PA. Born and raised in Chester, Roniesha focused primarily on taking initiatives to pull together different creatives impacting Chester’s communities. 

As of today, I AM continues to play a key role in the progression of growth in Chester’s community. The I AM team now aims for further expansion by supporting small businesses and partnering with organizations to do motivational speaking at local events in Greater Philadelphia and surrounding areas. 

 Get in touch today to learn more.