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Mommy & Me Guide

Mommy & Me Guide

I highly encourage all to watch "Beyond Your Eye" listed on Amazon Prime before or after reading "The Mommy & Me Guide".
The Mommy & Me Guide is not a book written to teach you how to be the perfect parent. In fact, it is a guide to guide you on how not to allow your childhood traumas to become a repeated cycle within your children. Often as parents, we set out to give our children what we never had, and for most that means to provide the materialistic things, we as adolescence were deprived of. Without ever thinking, we fail to discontinue the mental and physical cycle of our upbringing, which causes our childhood traumas to bleed onto our children. How does one break the cycle if they have never witnessed the cycle ever be broken? In “The Mommy & Me Guide” I take you through my journey of identifying, accepting, and changing the hard reality that I was in fact allowing my childhood traumas to bleed onto my childhood.

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