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I AM has developed a comprehensive literacy program that will be impactful to middle and high school-aged students. 

This program will both improve reading interest and reading skills, while simultaneously implementing the importance of self-reflection, self-respect, self-discipline, leadership skills, teamwork skills, communication skills, and problem-solving skills to prepare our youth for the future.

Furthermore, this program will decrease stress within our youth, as many of our young girls are dealing with various traumas. My goal with this program is to:

1. Bring awareness of unresolved conflicts.

2. Develop new strategies to improve academic performance.

3. Provide activities to boost creative thinking to gain new perspectives.

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A Lasting Impact

I Am’s reading and writing literacy book club was developed to assist young adults in understanding, evaluating, and rising above their traumas. Our developer Roniesha Seaton wrote a book titled “The Blossoming of Me.” In her publication, she speaks on various traumas she experienced and gives insight into how she overcame her pain. The Blossoming of Me plays a significant role in the book club. Roniesha's publication, activities, and various other factors teach each participant social and emotional learning skills before they can write their stories and how they have or will overcome their pain. This program provides a tangible item that not only will each participant thrive from, but their audience will learn and grow from their stories as well. 

This program best suits middle and high school-age students. 

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