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The Blossoming of Me article
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I must say this was not a traditional book signing it was a one women play. I commend this young lady for sharing her life story. I knew her when she was a child going threw some of her trails. GOD is good!! Keep on informing and inspiring individuals.#IAm#
Thank you Chaunel Christine Johnson for purchasing our tickets.


Words cannot express how excited I am for this AMAZING YOUNG LADY. I though the book was amazing, the one woman performance on stage play was priceless. It made you happy,sad and most of all, it let me know that when life gets tough ,keep it moving.This young lady had every sign in the book that said”you will never be nothing” and when she heard that , she pushed harder and harder.I will support and I will follow you every where you go. WATCH OUT WORLD BECAUSE RONIESHA IS ON THE MOVE!!!

- Donna 

The transparency and authenticity was refreshing! I loved that there were so many emotional highs and lows! It was like a rollercoaster ride that kept the audience intrigued and waiting to see what was going to happen next. I liked when you did your dancing when you got to go to the prom!!! I was like "Go Ronnie! Ayeeee!" LOL! Phenomenal job! So super proud of you


I attended Friday afternoon and I have one word.... compelling! You are one hell of a storyteller and it shows by how you grabbed and kept everyone’s attention from beginning to end. Your strength is admirable. The tone was set beautifully with the stage presence and lighting. I agree with Kortni Corbin-Paden, take this show on the road!

- Kelsi

I attended both of your Saturday shows (Yes, both because everything was sooo well done, I needed to see it again.) First, I loved the warm and attentive host who checked my party in. Her kindness set the tone for what was to come. Second, the venue was beautiful and inviting (with Master Blaster spinning good tunes) and pressure free when choosing our seats. Third, the presentation of excerpts from your awesome book were funny, authentic, frightening, heart wrenching...IT WAS EVERYTHING!!! Then, as if that wasn’t enough, you ended your show with a HUG for EVERYONE in attendance....So much LOVE in the room!
You deserve every good thing that you experience in your life, it’s just hard to believe how wise you are at such a young age!! Your “One Woman Show” moved the people in the crowd that were MORE THAN 3x's your age!!!

- Kornti

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