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The Blossoming of Me exclusive edition: Because I have more to say "Hardcover"

The Blossoming of Me exclusive edition: Because I have more to say "Hardcover"

Book overview

The book shares her experiences of overcoming various obstacles, providing valuable insights and effective strategies for surpassing trauma and attaining personal growth. By highlighting resilience, determination, and self-confidence, "The Blossoming of Me Exclusive Edition" serves as a source of hope and inspiration for those aiming to unleash their full potential and lead a satisfying life.


Because I Have More to Say

Change, Growth, and New Perspectives don't evolve overnight. It takes determination, drive, and willingness to be observant of oneself to be ready for change; in this exclusive edition, you will go on a very liberating journey with me. I shifted my entire mindset from the time I wrote The Blossoming of Me in 2019 to now.


Original Version

Motivational speaker Roniesha Seaton grew up in the hard streets of Chester, Pennsylvania. Her mother suffered from a high-level drug addiction, and her father encountered several jail convictions. Roniesha gave birth to her first child at age 13 and was forced to grow up fast, unable to enjoy a normal childhood. While taking on the responsibilities of raising her siblings, living in foster care, and dating different men, she endured physical, emotional, and verbal abuse throughout her life. Nevertheless, she didn't allow her past experiences to hold her back. As a result, Roniesha has turned her life around drastically. Within this book, she allows you into her personal life and gives her perspective on how she turned tragedies into possibilities.



6 x 0.55 x 9 inches





Print length

153 pages




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