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The Chosen Flower

A few weeks ago, I passed a vacant lot filled with bricks, trash, grass patches and what appeared to be a beautiful, radiant purple flower, known as a Common Morning Glory.

The first thing that came to mind once seeing this flower was “wow, even in its crappy environment, it stilled blossomed”.

The scenery triggered something in my mind and made me look around and analyze life in its rarest form. Often individuals make excuses for why they aren’t successful or why it’s tough for them to move forward in life.

This image revealed that life is what we make it and that our current environment isn’t what stops us from blooming, as our lack of ambition to evaluate is.

The Common Morning Glory’s surrounding environment did not stop the oxygen flow, that the flower needed to grow in its purest form. Through all the clutter, that flower was able to stand out, glow and be recognized.

We must train our minds to look at the full picture of our lives. To not feel sorry for ourselves because of the environment were in but to challenge ourselves to find a way out. To use the power of our minds to elevate beyond the expectations set for us because of our circumstances. The power is held once we utilize the resources in front of us to soar to the next level.

In the defense of the flower, it made the necessary room. Pushed bricks, trash, and any grass patches out of its way to bloom. The foundation, which I would refer to as our minds, was strong enough to keep going until it reached its highest potential.

Reach your highest potential, no matter what the environment or the circumstance are. Keep pushing until you reach a point where you feel you’re complete. Release the master in you and be determined to bloom mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

If the area wasn’t gated to block the entry, I would’ve picked that flower to change its environment and watch as it continues to grow.

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